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XL Backrest for Blackjack

XL Backrest for Blackjack

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At 23" wide and 14" tall, this cushy, compression molded, foam back support walks the fine line between backband and seatback. Designed to provide both lower back support and upper back support this backrest is an ergonomically advanced seating solution.  Thermoformed grooves help it curve naturally forming perfectly with our seats.  This Backrest can be installed over your existing backrest cushion or as a replacement by removing the old cushion. The Backrest is attached using nylon straps for ease of install as well as allowing for the backrest to recline if desired.



-XL backrest

-Nylon straps


Does it get in the way of my car rack?

The backrest pivots to conform to any car rack. Factory rack or aftermarket, like Yakima.

Can I still shoulder portage it?

The backrest pivots away allowing you to grab the gunwale wood while shoulder carrying.

How much does it weigh compared to the standard backrest?

The XL backrest is 15oz heavier that the standard backrest.

Does it work with PFD's?

As long as you are using a mesh-back kayaking life jacket the backrest will not interfere with comfort.


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