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The Tick Patrol Tick Remover

The Tick Patrol Tick Remover

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Meet The Tick Patrol's Aluminum Tick Remover Tool—the ultimate weapon against pesky parasites! This tick tool works to remove ticks safely and effectively from your dog's delicate skin. It's designed to leave no trace of the tick's mouthparts, helping reduce the risk of infection while keeping your loyal companion in top-notch health. Plus, it can be easily attached to your keys, backpack, dog leash, and more, so you can have it handy on every adventure!

  • Made in the USA with high-strength, anodized aluminum.
  • This tick remover offers you peace of mind, helping protect your pooch from harmful pathogens and potential tick-borne diseases.
  • Uses natural forward leverage to help safely and effectively remove ticks from its host.
  • Can be conveniently attached to a keychain, collar, backpack, or first aid kit (each sold separately).
  • Fully uproots ticks, pulling the entire tick out—including the mouth.
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