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No Bugz Shampoo Insect Repellent For Dogs

No Bugz Shampoo Insect Repellent For Dogs

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NoBugz is 100% natural, no man-made chemicals in sight! Our shampoo base is Organic, free of Deet, Pyrethrins, and other manufactured stuff. Ancient civilizations used these formulas for thousands of years - they really know how to keep insects away!

This shampoo gets the natural repellent deep into your pet's fur, protecting against Ticks, Mosquitos, Flys, Fleas, and Chiggers. But don't use on cats!

Manufactured near the Adirondack Mountains of New York, we know how pesky bugs can be. Our mission? To help people protect themselves and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about those creepy crawlers.

Our repellents are all natural oils, steam-distilled and proven to be just as effective as DEET, without the fear of toxicity. Plus, they are suitable for people with sensitive skin and won't damage clothing. Goodbye, Gnats and No-see-ums! Seize the Insect


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