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Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking Cables

Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking Cables

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Designed for use with: Kayaks & Canoes

Protect your investment with the Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking Systems by TieYak®! Using Galvanized Aircraft Cable (3/16" coil steel cable) that is used in the airline industry - for the ultimate in kayak and canoe theft prevention. Simply slide each cable loop over the bow and the other over the stern of your kayak. Wrap long tail end cable around stationary object so there is no slack - then lock them together with your own lock!

Created by TieYak® division of Suspenz®

Universal Kayak & Canoe Locking Cables by TieYak® are available in two sizes:

Small Kayak

    • Ideal for boats 9' to 14' long
    • Loops are 51" in circumference
    • Long cable is 9' long

Large Kayak

    • Ideal for boats 13' to 19' long
    • Loops are 45" in circumference
    • Long cable is 12' long

Included in box:
1 Long Loop Cable
1 Short Loop Cable

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