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Lendal Voyager 2 Piece Straight Shaft

Lendal Voyager 2 Piece Straight Shaft

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The VOYAGER got a complete redesign for 2018 based on two years of feedback from our community of low angle paddlers. Our design team took this input and spent most of summer 2017 modeling and performing strength and fluid tests on several possible designs. We manufactured a variety of prototypes and handed them over to our pro paddlers for extensive real-world testing in the late summer and fall. After several design iterations they had nothing left to critique. Then we made the paddle and handed that out to several folks for a final round of input and asked them to paddle their hearts out. Their response was a baseball analogy, a walk off grand slam way over the stands in the bottom of the 9th. For you non-baseball folks, you will love the paddle. In their words, “The new VOYAGER has excellent purchase, is predictable in all strokes, encourages fluid transitions, and gives amazing control in every condition.” “Most importantly it left us smiling at the end of the day regardless of how many miles we paddled.” As one kayaker stated at the end of one of those long days, “[the VOYAGER] does everything so amazingly well, and effortlessly you almost forget you’re paddling.”

  • Aerospace-quality foam is used for the spline of the Voyager, resulting in a blade with outstanding stiffness and low weight.
  • Lendal shafts and blades contain 6 layers of carbon, resulting in paddles with an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. The shaft lay-up was engineered using multiple types of carbon to provide the strength and flex patterns needed for all paddling conditions. The holy grail in carbon composite manufacturing is to make parts that are 65 percent carbon by weight, and 35 percent resin by weight. Our processes and mold making capabilities at Lendal allow us to hit this target. Our competitors’ products are 50 – 50. The difference is obvious.
  • All Lendal NA paddles have an ergonomic grip which makes the paddle feel as if it is part of your hand. This is possible due to our proprietary state-of-the-art bladder chemistry and molding used to create a shaft that is incredibly strong, light, and physiologically accurate. The pronounced oval shaped shafts make the paddle feel like an extension of the arm, making advanced maneuvers – such as rolling – a snap. The current grip geometry is the result of test studies where it was preferred by 95% of US, European, and Asian world-class paddlers. One try and any paddler will agree it’s simply superior to any other shaft on the market.
  • The Leverlok is a robust joint that provides continuous feather adjustments, left or right handed compliance, and length extension up to 5 cm. This durable, reliable system easily detaches and connects without tools. You can rest assured that this system will perform in the most extreme situations.


Paddle Weight (g/oz): 690 / 24

Blade Area (cm2/in2): 660 / 102

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