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Green Goat Maps: Lake George Area Boating and Trails Map

Green Goat Maps: Lake George Area Boating and Trails Map

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The second edition of Green Goat Maps Lake George map now features important navigation features like locations of buoys and 5 mph speed limit zones. It also includes Lake George Land Conservancy Hike-A-Thon sites and the Lake George Land Conservancy properties and trails that are open to the public. Like its predecessor, this map features water depth, shoals, rocks, picnic areas, boat launches, and campsites. It also features insets of the Mother Bunch Islands, Waltonian Islands, and the Narrows and hiking trails and information for the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness.

All GG maps have an ecological focus. This map highlights invasive species prevention and Leave No Trace principles. Green Goat Maps gives 1% back to nonprofits through 1% for the Planet.

Made in the USA.

  • Boating and trail information for the Lake George, the Lake George Wild Forest, and the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area
  • Buoys, 5 mph speed limit zones, lake depth, campsites, and boat launches
  • Lake George Land Conservancy Hike-A-Thon Sites, Lake George Land Conservancy Land Classes
  • Printed on durable, high-quality waterproof material
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