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Hornbeck Boats

Humpback Paddles Hornbeck Boats Wooden Inlay Paddle

Humpback Paddles Hornbeck Boats Wooden Inlay Paddle

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Humpback Paddles are light weight wood/fiberglass composite paddles.  

Shafts are basswood and cedar, selectively hollowed to reduce weight.  Blades are cedar protected by hardwood (walnut) edges.  The asymmetrically curved dihedral faced blades are reinforced front and back with fiberglass and epoxy.  Tips are protected with a tough impact epoxy.  The two-piece paddles are joined by a feather-able carbon fiber ferrule.  Paddles are finished with marine spar varnish and fitted with “woggle” drip rings.

All of this yields a beautiful and lightweight, yet very durable, double bladed paddle. 

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