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Adventure Medical Kits: GlacierGel Blister and Burn Dressing

Adventure Medical Kits: GlacierGel Blister and Burn Dressing

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GlacierGel hydrogel dressings offer immediate relief and promote rapid healing for blisters and burns. Kit includes antiseptic wipes that disinfect and keep open blisters from infection.

  • Relief from Blisters and Burns – GlacierGel provides rapid relief by cooling and soothing discomfort caused by blisters, burns, and other minor injuries.
  • Breathable and Waterproof – The breathable, waterproof design of GlacierGel allows for prolonged wear, maintaining a comfortable environment while guarding against moisture.
  • Cushioning Comfort – The highly cushioning hydrogel material minimizes friction and pressure on sensitive areas, enhancing overall comfort during recovery.
  • Versatile Usage – Whether for hikers, athletes, or everyday individuals, GlacierGel serves as a versatile solution for blisters and burns.
  • Antiseptic Wipes Prevent Infection – The package includes antiseptic wipes, adding an extra layer of protection by disinfecting and safeguarding open blisters from the risk of infection.

3 – GlacierGel Blister & Burn Dressing, (Small Rectangular)
3 – GlacierGel Blister & Burn Dressing, (Large Oval)
6 – Alcohol Swab
1 – Instructions

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