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Bye Bye Black Fly

Bye Bye Black Fly

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Since 2001, Bye-Bye BLACKFLY has been produced in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. It is an ALL NATURAL, DEET FREE, NON-TOXIC insect repellant made from vegetable oil, beeswax and five essential oils.

Bye Bye BLACKFLY was initially developed in an effort to keep from being “ eaten alive” during the blackfly season.  Finding an effective combination of ingredients led to sharing it with friends and neighbors in the Adirondacks.  Since bringing it to the retail market it has been used consistently by outdoor enthusiasts, fisherman, gardeners, daycare facilities, missionaries in other countries and to anyone wanting to REPEL BLACKFLIES or any BITING FLYING INSECTS on themselves, their children, and pets too.

Bye-Bye BLACKFLY has developed a huge following in the eastern half of the United States. The reason it has been so successful is because it works. We believe that we provide a strong and all natural solution to the alternative products containing Deet.  

Bye-Bye BLACKFLY is applied directly to the skin and has more staying power than a spray. It provides superior protection against BLACKFLIES and other FLYING BITING INSECTS.

How Do Insect Repellants Work?

Repellants work by evaporation. Creating a shield a few inches above the area of application. The presence of the repellant vapor confuses the insects so they can’t locate a target host. In most cases, it usually requires less than 1% of the repellant to form this protective barrier.

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